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Your facility setup and location can make a significant impact on your bottom line. We help businesses think through every possible scenario to ensure a property meets their location, operational, personnel, brand and P&L needs. Our focus transcends your entire business from market perception to EBITDA.


Whether your business is in the development, startup, growth, expansion, or mature stage, we create customized real estate solutions aligned with your objectives. To create the right solution we model and analyze multiple scenarios to ensure our clients understand all of their options.  Armed with this analysis, we are able to work with landlords to help our clients maximize where they operate their business.


  • Identify ideal target sites based on location, configuration and layout
  • Develop and manage the RFP process
  • Develop and manage tenant improvement scope and budgets
  • Work with the local EDC on tax incentives and abatements
  • Develop side-by-side lease and expense analysis
  • Identify and model balance sheet and Income Statement impacts
  • Negotiate tenant improvement allowance and rental rates
  • Negotiate lease terms
  • Ensure tenant improvements meet the needs of our clients

Our clients include private equity, family office and individuals who own or are evaluating the acquisition of a businesses. Our expirtise in evaluating a business’s operations, people, location and their customer mix sets the framework to create value for both the tenant and building owner. Our objective is to help our clients align their real estate with financial objectives including:

  • Operating company acquisition cost offset
  • Lowering leasing costs
  • Decreasing the capital improvement investment to better align a facility to a business
  • Net profit increases through the reduction COGS, direct labor, transportation and SG&A P&L expenses related to  consolidation

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